FIS Ski Jumping - Ski Flying World Championships in Oberstdorf

Ski Jumping originated in the 18th century, back then farmers in the Norwegian province of Telemark used small hills on alpine slopes for short jumps. With time, the interest and the enthusiasm for this new discipline rose and Ski Jumping became a spor...

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Ladies' Ski Jumping Tour extends stay in Japan | FIS Ski Jumping

The 2017/18 World Cup will now move from Sapporo to Zao. The Japanese winter resort will host a pair of NH events on HS 102 Zao-Schanze plus the second ever team competition from Jan. 19 to 21. Ski Jumping originated in the 18th century, back then far...

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Maren Lundby celebrates back to back in second NH event at Sapporo| Highlights

Maren Lundby confirms her supremacy in Normal Hill event at Sapporo and secures her third straight win in WC Ski Jumping. Local idol Sara Takanashi takes the second place on the podium, followed by Germany's Katharina Althaus Full result here: http:/...

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Maren Lundby sets second straight win in NH event at Sapporo| Highlights

Maren Lundby extends her winning streak in NH event at Sapporo and grabs the leadership in WC ranking. Lundby scores 252.9 points and wins ahead of German Katharina Althaus and Japanese Sara Takanashi Full result here:

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Ladies' World Cup restarts in Japan | FIS Ski Jumping

The first two NH events of the new year will take place at Sapporo’s Miyanomori Ski Jump Stadium on Jan. 13-14. Local idols Sara Takanashi and Yuki Ito are still seeking their first win of the season. Ski Jumping originated in the 18th century, back ...

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Kamil Stoch makes history to complete Four Hills Grand Slam | Photo recap

The Pole also won the fourth competition of the 66th 4-Hills-Tournament on Saturday evening in Bischofshofen (AUT) and is now the second ski jumper after Sven Hannawald to win the "Grand Slam". The German achieved this in 2001/02. Four Hills Tournamen...

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Kamil Stoch makes three straight wins at Four Hills Tournament | Photo recap

Four Hills Tournament standings after three rounds: Ski Jumping originated in the 18th century, back then farmers in the Norwegian province of Telemark used small hills on alpine slopes for ...

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Kamil Stoch celebrates new year's day in Garmisch with second win a row at 4HT | Highlights

Kamil Stoch claims his second victory in a row in the second stage of Four Hills tournament at Garmisch. Stoch jumps 139.5 metres in the 2nd round to score a total of 283.4 points. Polish champion upstages local idol Richard Freitag and Norway's Ander...

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Kamil Stoch soars to win in Four Hills Tournament opener at Oberstdorf | Highlights

The Polish leaper, who claimed the overall crown last year, jumps 137.0 metres in the 2nd round to score a total of 279.7 points. The double Olympic champ from Sochi edges off odds-on favourite Richard Freitag. Poland has a big day with Dawid Kubacki s...

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Boosting the atmosphere for the 4-Hills Tournament | FIS Ski Jumping

Countdown has started ahead of the 66th edition of this event. The 1st leg will take place on Dec. 30 at Oberstdorf's Erdinger Arena, one of the most impressive ski-jumping stadium in the world, located directly below the HS 137 Schattenberg schanze. ...

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Harrachov Ski Flying Hill

There are only 5 Ski Flying Hills all over the world. The Certak in Harrachov (CZE) is one of this 5 hills. With a Hill Size of 210 its the smallest one but still its huge.

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Maren Lundby reigns supreme in Hinterzarten Normal Hill | Highlights

Maren Lundby from Norway achieves second win of the season in Hinterzarten Normal Hill and equalizes Germany's Katharina Althaus, second today, on top of World Cup leaderboard. Sara Takanashi rounds out podium in third place. Full results here: http:...

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Japan rules in first ever Ladies' Team event | Highlights

Ito, Iwabuchi, Seto and Takanashi conquerded first place in maiden World Cup Ladies' Team Normal Hill competition ahead of Russian Federation and France in Hinterzarten. Full results here:

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Engelberg (SUI) Große Titlis Schanze

See the wonderful village of Engelberg in December 2017 with the Große Titilis Schanze. The Ski Jumping Hill is ready for the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup competitions.

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History in the making at Hinterzarten | FIS Ski Jumping

After a one-week break the Ladies World Cup tour will restart in Germany with the first ever ladies' World Cup team event to be held on Dec. 16 on the Adlerschanze HS108, followed by an individual event on Sunday. Ski Jumping originated in the 18th c...

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FIS Ski Jumping - Behind the scenes

Why is Ski Jumping so fascinating? How does Ski Jumping work? We asked some real experts to explain us why Ski Jumping is such an extraordinary and fascinating sport.

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Freitag leads a majestic 1-2 for Germany on the home soil of Titisee-Neustadt | Highlights

After a 90-minutes delay, the 26-year-old from Erlabrunn holds his nerves clinches his second win of the season in a one-round competition on the Hochfirstschanze. Freitag closes out ahead of fellow countryman Andreas Wellinger, with Norway's Daniel An...

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Norway remains unbeaten after Team LH at Titisee-Neustadt | Highlights

Norway extends winning streak in Team Large Hill. Norway wins team event in Titisee Neustadt ahead of Poland and Germany full result here:

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Titisee-Neustadt Hochfirstschanze

See the wonderful Hochfirstschanze in Titisee-Neustadt. Located in the Black-Forest (GER). The hill is huge and the athletes call it a small flying hill. Neustadt is one half of Titisee-Neustadt, not as well known as Titisee, the other half, but very b...

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Men's Tour continue in Titisee-Neustadt | FIS Ski Jumping

It’s now time for the first of four German stages featured in the 2017/18 Men’s Ski Jumping World Cup. Titisee-Neustadt’s Hochfirst HS142 will be the upcoming location for a TL competition and a LH event on Dec. 9-10. Ski Jumping originated in the 18...

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Highlights | Wellinger triumphs in another big day for Germany at Nizhny Tagil | FIS Ski Jumping

Germany's Andreas Wellinger wins the second competition on the the Large Hill in Nizhny Tagil ahead of his teammate Richard Freitag. 3rd place for Austrian Stefan Kraft. Full results here:

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Highlights | Dominant Althaus takes LH win and Lillehammer Triple | FIS Ski Jumping

The in-form German scores 308.2 points with jumps of 138.5 and 139.5 metres on the way to a second straight World Cup win and the top spot in the Lillehammer triple. Norway's Lundby and Japanese ace Sara Takanashi claim podium spots. Full results here...

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Nizhny Tagil - beautiful city

See the wonderful city of Nizhny Tagil in Russia.

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Highlights | Althaus takes top honours in 2nd NH contest at Lillehammer | FIS Ski Jumping

21-year-old German finds the ispiration from fellow countryman Richard Freitag in the 2nd Normal Hill event on Lysgardbakken. Althaus finishes ahead of Friday's winner Maren Lundby and Japan's Yuki Ito.

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Highlights | Freitag bests rivals in first LH event at Nizhny Tagil | FIS Ski Jumping

Germany's Richard Freitag comes from behind to score his first win of the season The Norwegian duo of Daniel A. Tande and Johann A. Forfang complete the podium in Russia.

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Highlights | Lundby holds off German threat on Lillehammer Normal Hill | FIS Ski Jumping

23-year-old local idol with a clear win in the World Cup opening ahead of Katharina Althaus and 2014 Olympic Champion Carina Vogt. Full results here:

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Ski Jumping season resume in Lillehammer and Nizhny | FIS Ski Jumping

The next two Men events will be held next weekend on the Russian HS134 Large Hill while the 2017/18 Ladies World Cup will finally start with a three-day competition (the first one on the HS138) at the Lysgårdsbakken Ski Jumping Arena. Ski Jumping orig...

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Highlights | Damjan rediscovers old form in Ruka | FIS Ski Jumping

The 34-year-old from Slovenia adds a long-awaited second World Cup victory to his tally by collecting 301.4 points with jumps of 140.0 and 142.0 metres. Damjan finishes ahead of Norway's Forfang and Germany's Wellinger. Full results here: http://www....

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Highlights | Norway extends winning streak in Team competition in Ruka | FIS Ski Jumping

Norway secures second season win in Team Large Hill in Ruka. Germany take the second place on the podium ahead of Japan. Full results here:

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Ski jumpers ready to fly in Ruka | FIS Ski Jumping

A total of eight World Cup contests will be held during the Ruka Nordic long weekend at the end of November, two of them on the HS 142 Rukatunturi Large Hill located in Kuusamo. The second World Cup stage will feature a Team LH competition and an indiv...

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